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Reviewed: SanDisk Extreme Plus microSDXC UHS-I (64GB) [2014 Edition]

SanDisk Extreme Plus microSDXC UHS-I (64GB) [2014 Edition] Retail Front

After looking at the slightly lower-end SanDisk Extreme microSD, here’s the higher-end variant. The SanDisk Extreme Plus is SanDisk’s second highest end of microSD card offering, just below the SanDisk Extreme Pro. Unlike the Ultra and Extreme, the Extreme Plus too has been refreshed this year, so let us take a look at how crazy the speeds can go with this card.

The SanDisk Extreme Plus is an addition in the already crowded line up of microSD’s from SanDisk, and with the remarkable performance from SanDisk Extreme, how much further can this one get? From the previous generation to this generation, the rating did not change much, although there was a bump in certification from UHS-I to UHS-3/U3. Unfortunately though, today we only have the new variant here to test so we are again unable to tell you how much has improved.

SanDisk Extreme Plus microSDXC UHS-I (64GB) [2014 Edition] Front unsealed

Like all the series from SanDisk, this too comes with a microSD-SD card adapter. The original packaging when opened at the cutting will open perfectly and comes with 1 promotional papers. Unlike the Extreme that came with 2,  this card only has 1 which is for the SanDisk RescuePRO Deluxe license key. Whilst the key are only valid for one year, hey, that is still better than nothing.

SanDisk Extreme Plus microSDXC UHS-I (64GB) [2014 Edition] frontSimilar with the Extreme version, the card itself comes with a golden and red background each taking one half of the card. On the top, is red with white text, with SanDisk brand and series printed on that area. The bottom portion is golden coloured, with white text again. This time, it has the capacity and certifications of the card. Like the SanDisk Extreme this has the UHS-3 (U3) and Class 10 certification on it, but how much more do we expect, especially looking at how well the new SanDisk Extreme performed.

SanDisk Extreme Plus microSDXC UHS-I (64GB) [2014 Edition] Reverse

Again some common-traits on the SanDisk cards, this card reverse has the black box on top of a green PCB design color board. Written on the box in white again is the serial number, as well as the country of manufacture – China.

The card has been rated to have up to 80MB/s for READ speed, 50MB/s for WRITE speed, and not forgetting class 10 (minimum of 10MB/s of read/write) and of course UHS-3 (for a minimum performance of 30MB/s for read/write). So how does this card really stack up? Will it live up to the extreme (plus) performance? Let us find out now!

Benchmark Test

Our first test here is the h2testw:

SanDisk Extreme Plus microSDXC UHS-I (64GB) [2014 Edition] h2testw score

Next, we will run the CrystalDiskMark in various capacities. The first capacity we run it on was 4000MB or 4GB. The result can be seen below:

CrystalDIskMark test 1 (1 x 4000MB) for SanDisk Extreme Plus microSDXC UHS-I (64GB) [2014 Edition]

The next test, we ran the smallest test – 50MB:

CrystalDIskMark test 2 (1 x 50MB) for SanDisk Extreme Plus microSDXC UHS-I (64GB) [2014 Edition]

And finally, we run the middle sized test, taking the average of 5 attempts:

CrystalDIskMark test 3 (5 x 1000MB) for SanDisk Extreme Plus microSDXC UHS-I (64GB) [2014 Edition]

When compiled into a graph:

Benchmark graph for SanDisk Extreme Plus microSDXC UHS-I (64GB) [2014 Edition]

Random Read Graph for SanDisk Extreme Plus microSDXC UHS-I (64GB) [2014 Edition]

Clearly, like the SanDisk Extreme, this card too has more than exceeded the minimum rated requirements and has once again exceeded our expectations. Upping the speed on the consistent random results, and sequential speeds again at a rather consistent level, this is no doubt an excellent card for most purposes. Nonetheless, the speeds are:

READ – 92802 KB/s
WRITE – 60735 KB/s

However, having a price tag above Extreme, and even though the card in fact out performs its own reported performance and it still pits itself well against the likes of other cards, even the highest -end from competition. The fact that it has the best random performance (thus far) really earns our mark for highly recommended for mobile use. There is no doubt that this card is 4K recording capable as well.

Backed with lifetime warranty and SanDisk RescuePRO Deluxe license for a year, we don’t know if the additional performance by the card is commandeered by normal end users, but for pro-sumers, every single speed bump is much appreciated. With the a steep local official pricing at SGD$156, that does not mean that we can get one at a much cheaper price elsewhere.

Rating: ★★★★★★★★★☆ 

Model Reviewed: SDSDQX-064G

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