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BlackBerry Passport Features Visited (Lots of images)

The end of the year is a very long time, and many of us are waiting to see what specifications the BlackBerry Passport or Q30 will come up with. Well, it seems like the more we know, the harder the wait. Does anyone remember this term, waiting is the hardest part?

The BlackBerry Passport will come in 2 flavours, white and black.

What we now know is that it will come with:

  • 32GB on-board internal memory
  • 3GB of RAM
  • A non removable 3450mAh battery
  • 13MP camera with a 3MP front camera
  • NANO sim card
  • support for microSD cards (up to 128GB at this point)
  • 4.5″ LCD screen, with a 1440×1440 (453ppi?!) [The screen is 81mm wide, whilst Samsung Note 3 is slightly less than 80mm]
  • SnapDragon 800 processor
  • Weight is about 170grams (BlackBerry Z30 is also 170grams, whereas Note 3 is 168grams)

Check out the flood of photos from halobandit:

Check out my back! Its the same material as the Black Z10! Uhoh… now is the white going to be…

The nano sim and microsim slot

A better look at the slots

Look I’m a square!

A steel bezel!

A closer look at the keyboard

So who’s bigger and more badass now?

A look at the phone’s thickness

Hey brother Q10!

Versus the Samsung S3

Next to an iPhone 4S

Using the file manager

Typing on the Passport

Image credit @halobandit

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