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Review: Noreve Leather Flip Case For BlackBerry Z30

Noreve is a French company that specializes in making leather cases for mobile devices. That said, their products are not mass produced, but rather, they are all produced on demand. This means that you can actually customize your choice of case, from a series of pre-casted colours and features such as belt clip. Today, we have one for the BlackBerry Z30 to showcase to you guys.

For Noreve, everything used is based on quality, not quantity: from the point of view of the materials it uses, Noreve has a reputation for using quality leathers, quality moulds and exceptional cutting techniques.

Noreve has cases for all of the BlackBerry 10 series (P9982 support coming in shortly) as well as a series of the modern BlackBerry legacy series.

Perhaps, the most striking difference this has with the official leather case from BlackBerry is that this is a bottom to top flap, whereas the BlackBerry’s is from the left.

On the top flap of the cover, lies in wait the Noreve’s logo. The meaning of Noreve’s logo is as follows: the moon protects the tropézien sun, a subtle metaphor which illustrates a cover protecting your mobile device. In addition, it comes with a hole, unlike the official BlackBerry cases which has a small plastic to let the LED glow instead. In this instance, the hole allows the LED light to blink through.

The interior of the casing is then lined with premium leather of your choice, with a additional design of a discrete screen print of the Noreve logo of the bell tower at Saint-Trope.

Right into the case, the BlackBerry Z30 fits snugly. The media controls, charging ports as well as earphone jack and lock buttons are all left open for easy access. Additionally, Noreve has also kept the two noise-cancelling microphones at the side exposed, which is great because many cases covered this up and this was a problem especially when it came to calls. The cover covers up the speaker’s at the bottom of the device, even though there are some cut outs for it, there was some audible muffling of the sound still. Also, as there is no cutouts on the flap, calls on the handset would be a little challenge as well.

There is definitely no lack of premium luxury surrounding this case. Whilst I would not say it would be the best for those planning to use it with a single hand, it does work well for those looking a style and protection. That said though, it is however, the more expensive cases available. Together, Noreve offers a total of 12 exterior colours, 35 interior lining colours and 12 leather finishes. If you need a belt clip, they can put one up for you as well. Prices begins at €41.58, and you can head on over to Noreve’s website here to order one for yourself.

PS: The design featured is the Ebène Couture in Negre poudro. The internal lining is Rouge troupelenc. Desgin Code: 22232T20/f-INT65.

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