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BlackBerry Q10 Leather Pouch

The leather pouches is probably one of the essentials for BlackBerry devices, from the old BlackBerry 8320 or even 7150, to the new BlackBerry 9360 and BlackBerry 9900, the recent z10 also had its share, so how can the BlackBerry Q10 miss it? Many of us love to rock our BlackBerrys plain naked, and to achieve that, the leather case is a must have essential. Drawing direct comparison to the BlackBerry Bold 9900, we can see that BlackBerry is indeed drawing direct design across its line of accessories.

The BlackBerry Z10 leather cover drew comparison to the BlackBerry Curve 9360 leather pouch, whilst the BlackBerry Q10 draws it from the Bold series.
Using the rugged leather instead of smooth leather, and without the carbon fibre back, the case truely resembles that of the BlackBerry 9900 premium leather pouch.

Unlike the other covers, however, this case here has a much longer front screen cover than the other cases. Or else, it would be that the sides has less coverage.

The weird part is, it could have been justified if the volume control or the microusb port for charging was not covered. However, the the volume down button was covered and the microusb port was covered when the device was slid all the way in.

However, the screen is well protected, all the way up to the speaker/camera/LED notifications.

And of course, the top is left uncovered.

The Original BlackBerry 9900 pouch, that came with the 9900 free in the box, had complains that it was too much of a snug fit, resulting it becoming very tight. So much so to the point that there were reports that it damaged some of the buttons or got the screen scratched instead of protecting it against scratches. The BlackBerry 9900 premium leather pouch fixed this by giving it a nice fit which was not too tight nor too loose – you can just slide it in and out.

This is the exact case for the Q10. A perfect fit hence it is not too tight nor too loose. However, it is rigid, just like that of the BlackBerry P9981 leather pouch, its pretty hard to compress it.

Overall, the pouch, like the legacy devices, provides a decently good protection for a naked device. Should you feel like applying a skin onto it, there should also not be any issues with slipping them into this case as well.

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