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Using the BlackBerry Device Analyzer & Application Resource Monitor (Advanced settings)


The BlackBerry Device Analyzer, is an application/set of tools to monitor the health of your BlackBerry. Among other things, it is can be used to keep track of service coverage & drops and battery charge/discharge rates. The BlackBerry OS – which is the latest OS release for many of the BB7 phones – brought us ‘Application Resource Monitor’ but was it seemed that this device analyzer disappeared. Upon further inspection, the application was listed as installed, but could not be found or launched. But, no it has not!

alt BBDATo enable the BlackBerry Device Analyzer and a quick code needs to be entered in order to get it back and enabled.

To enable it simply:

  1. Open Options,
  2. Hold ALT & type BBDA
  3. Now, the BlackBerry Device Analyzer is now available in: Options > Device > Advanced System Settings > BlackBerry Device Analyzer. Or if you searched for it, you should be able to find it.

advanced ApplicationResourceMonitor

From the time it first appeared, Device Analyzer was buried in the advanced options screen, beside things like Cell Broadcasting & Browser Push. I have no idea why would RIM waste effort in hiding a useful feature, but hey they have done weirder things.

Also, as some of you asked regarding the new Application Resource Monitor, where is the advanced settings that we showcased earlier, well, a code is required as well. Within the Application Resource Monitor, type FLTR, it would enable these advanced settings as well.

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