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FAQ: Memory card support

What is the maximum memory that is supported in your Blackberry Device? Our modern Blackberries comes with the capability to use microSD. nowith recent advancement in technologies, microSD cards sizes have ballooned from 128mb to 32gb, now with the introduction of ‘SD-XC”, 64gb!

  • BlackBerry Device Software up to v4.2.0 – Up to 2 GB
  • BlackBerry Device Software up to v4.2.2 – Up to 4 GB
  • BlackBerry Device Software up to v4.5.0 – Up to 8 GB
  • BlackBerry Device Software v4.5.0.81 – Up to 16 GB
  • BlackBerry Device Software v4.6.0 and later (including OS 5 and OS 6) – Up to 32 GB

As for 64 GB, its not really in mass production yet, most devices dont support it, only a handful (such as the latest android) but I believe, in time this will come (perhaps in BB10?)

Anyway, for microSD up to 4GB, it is in microSD format, whilst for microSD up to 32GB, it is in microSDHD format. And finally, for microSD of 64GB and above, it is in microSDXD format.

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