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Confirmed: Scalado Camera Features Will Still Appear With BlackBerry 10 Devices

Keynote camera BlackBerry 10

Recently Nokia announced their acquisition of Scalado which is behind many photo technologies including the cool time warp feature RIM showed off in the BlackBerry 10 camera. After RIM showed off this feature at BlackBerry World it was confirmed that RIM licensed this technology/IP from Scalado for BlackBerry 10. After Nokia’s acquisition of Scalado some were worried what this would mean for RIM and BlackBerry 10. While the obvious answer was that the license would remain intact others needed more. Well now we have it. The Verge has confirmed with Nokia that :

“We’re doing it in such a way that Scalado can…fully deliver on commitments they’ve made to all of their partners, that includes RIM,”

On the other hand Nokia said that they have no plans to license the technology further especially to their Windows Phone competitors. That actually turns out to be good news for RIM since now that IP will be a more differentiating feature with limited use beyond BlackBerry 10 and Nokia phones.

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