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BlackBerry 10 N-series Leaked!

Here’s to all the loyal physical keyboard BlackBerry lovers out there! N4BB just released this screenshot of the N-series BlackBerry 10!

Now we’ve seen the prototype L-series BB10 devices from the BlackBerry World conference some time ago, and some of us were pretty afraid RIM would abandon our trusty QWERTY for a full touch device, so this screenshot is a real sign of relief for some (I know I am!)

The N-series has a 720 by 720 OLED screen and with a screen size of about 52-53mm width, or 330 PPI. And of course, buttons!

Sadly, we’re being told that the device will only be rolled out in Q1 2013, which means we’d still be stuck with our current BlackBerries for at least another half a year. That said, we aren’t really in a frenzy to get our contracts renewed before the telco’s drop their 12GB data bundle anyway 😉

Well what can I say:

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