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Diary Pro – a Professional Diary for you PlayBook

Diary Pro Diary Pro2

Infinite Appz released a new PlayBook app called Diary Pro. Their take on a diary helps you easily keep your diary full of content while remaining private and it looks good while doing so. The app is really easy to use and you can even take shortcuts by leaving picture or audio entries. Features include:

  • Using Diary app you can organize diary content by note or pictures or audios or voices or any of the combinations with a month view.
  • The look and feel of a real diary.
  • Supports search keyword diary item.
  • Enable and Disable or Change password
  • Supports 2 types of backups
    • HTML Backup: For neat preview of all your entries. For reviewing selected diary items in your PC later. And this backup is not restorable.
    • Restorable backup: Using this option you can restore backup at any movement of the time.
  • Allows you to reset all your data.
  • One click to add Diary entries

Check out Diary Pro in App World for S$3.75

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