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Great Little War Game for BlackBerry PlayBook

I have been playing quite some games on my PlayBook this few weeks and another addictive little game is the Great Little War Game. This is a little strategy game that pits you against the enemy in a little war showdown. Presented in HD 3D graphics and lego-like characters, this is one extensive game not to be missed!

Great Little War Game (also known as GLWG) is the hit 3D turn-based strategy game that everyone’s talking about. With a unique comical style and plenty of laughs and excitement, you’ll keep coming back again and again for “just one more go.” With 30 missions available and a variety of modes, this will keep you hooked on for a long long time.

Main Features:

  • Campaign mode
  • Multiplayer mode
  • Skirmish mode
  • Achievements
  • Four difficulty settings
  • Lush visuals
  • Full 3D terrain affects gameplay
  • Simple control method
  • Lots of units
  • Lots of terrain types
  • High replayability
  • Tons of humour
  • Absolutely no birds or zombies

Take command of your army and battle the foe on land, sea and air but be sure to make wise decisions as you go. You want to deploy your soldiers to take full advantage of the higher terrain, natural choke points, ambush spots and defensive walls. Get it right and the bad guys will lose to your superior strategy skills.

With plenty highly positive reviews on many platforms and officially voted as one of the best strategy games available, why not give this game a go?

Available at $6.50 for the full version on BlackBerry AppWorld
Available for free on the BlackBerry Appworld for a 5 level trial

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