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One Year of PlayBook (well, almost officially for Singapore)

Its hard to believe, its almost one year since the BlackBerry PlayBook was launched in the states. Singapore had its official launch in June, though some of you would have probably gotten the device from me earlier in Singapore. Now a year later we know that a refresh is soon upon us with improvements like a 1.5Ghz processor and 3G/4G(LTE) support. Nonetheless, the PlayBook has come a far way and is really laying the groundwork for BlackBerry 10.

I am really enjoying the improvements RIM has made in PlayBook OS 2.0 but what I am really waiting for is when RIM brings it all together with BlackBerry 10. We will start seeing this shortly with Cascades and other developments until we get the features and APIs necessary for SuperApps.

Despite the rocky journey this new OS has come, congrats to the RIM team and we hope the PlayBook’s second birthday will be when it truly shines like a star (alongst with its BlackBerry 10 counterparts)

Image credits: BlackBerry Singapore – From the BlackBerry PlayBook Launch Party in Singapore

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