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FunCam for BlackBerry

Yesterday we mentioned Silent Camera for BlackBerry and noted that there was a similar app by the same developer but with more features. This application, FunCam, is a rather quirky yet useful application. It has a library of 40+ fun clipart pictures like hair, glasses, etc that you can spice up your pictures with. It also has custom effects/filters like grayscale, emboss, negative, paint, sepia, and scatter available to you.

Using FunCam is easy. Just select the clip art you want to use and then focus the camera on your subject eg: person and then click on the Thumbpad button to save. You can then reposition the clip art to make the perfect or add some special effects like Greyscale, Sepia, Negative, Paint, Emboss and others.

Features include:

  • Includes over 40 clip arts eg: Hair, Hats, Mask, Glasses, Ugly teeth, Signs and Picture Frames
  • Add custom effects like Grayscale, Emboss, Negative, Paint, Sepia, Scatter
  • Only apply effect on the camera image and left the clip art as is. You can use this method to create black&white and color pictures
  • Date time stamp pictures
  • Turn on/off Camera Flash
  • Saves picture to screen resolution only. eg: if your BB is 99xx then it will save in 640 x 480 jpg
  • Save picture in JPG format so you can easily email and share with friends and family
  • Email or share with BBM directly from the application

You can check out FunCam in App World for S$1.35

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