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Silent Camera by Toysoft

A lot of people has been asking me how to shut the shutter sound on the BlackBerry devices. Taking photos stealthy is not always a bad thing; For example, as student, you need your camera to take photos in a lecture theater but imagine each slide pass there is a “click” sound. Well, on OS 6 and below, it was easy – just use CameraToGo, whilst there was not any solutions for OS 7 until now.

Let’s go about the Silent Camera application features:

Silent Camera purpose is to let you take a picture of the screen and save it without hearing the shutter sound. However, here’s the catch – You cannot change the picture resolution when saving with Silent Camera. It will only save the screen resolution. For example, if you have the Bold 9900 the picture size will be saved in 640×480 and if you have the 9790 it will be saved in 480×360.

You can zoom in and out of the picture before you save. You can configure Silent Camera to take 1 or up to 20 pictures at one time and even tell Silent Camera to quit when it is finished taking the picture(s). You can also set the delay from No Delay to 3 seconds between each take.

Hence, this would be perfect for taking photos silently and quickly.

*Tested on BlackBerry Bold 9900, OS

Other features include:

  • Picture is saved in JPG uncompressed format
  • Take picture up close without your subject known. See application help screen how on to use Stealth mode
  • Easy to use

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Editors note: There is another application, called FunCam which works well and even lets you add special effects to your photo before capturing.

Image Credit: Posh24

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