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Surfing the web

Well, its been close to 3 or 4 weeks at Tekong already and I thought I’ll share some of my findings on web surfing with you guys. Simply put it, we put 2 browsers to test here. The Opera Mini and the original BlackBerry web browser spanning across different versions.

U have used my BlackBerry 8707, 8830 and 9780, each with differing Operating systems and hence, versions of the browser.

What I found is that on the older devices, 8707 and 8830, the surfing speed in Opera is indeed much faster, with little or minimal impact on the battery as compared to surfing directly on the native web browser.

On the other hand, on my BlackBerry 9780, the surfing speed on either browsers were on par, however, with Opera, I found my battery to be draining considerably much faster than if I used the native browser.

So you have other discoveries or had a different experience? Sound off and let us know!

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