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Quick look: OS 7.1

OS 7 devices are the latest arsenal of devices from RIM. At the start of the year, OS 7.1 was supposed to be rolled out though the carriers officially but we have yet to see our local Telco’s picking up the ball, neither has overseas carriers been particularly active either. However, before the filehost crisis began, we are fortunate enough to have leaks for the OS, where OS have been rather stable.

Perhaps, across all devices, the most watched for and common new feature is the Mobile Hotspot.

Mobile Hotspot, simple and easy to use, so far on OS, I have yet to face any significant issues, as long as we followed the FAQ’s tethering notes. But do note, that if your on Singtel*, you might (and should) really consider getting a standard internet plan in addition to the BIS. With download speeds cracking past 1mbps on my desktop, its simply easy to just exceed your 1gb or 3gb.
*note: Internet tethering is not covered under standard BIS Plan. We recommend you to be using BlackBerry Flexi plan
For those who needs help with the login portion: apn and more

Battery life is reasonable now on the Bold 9900, on the Curve 9360, it has already been reasonable and its became even better with this update it seems.

Another feature that is brought into OS 7.1 (NFC capable phones only) is the BlackBerry Tag. BlackBerry Tag simplies allow you to share contacts, media and files, and even invite friends to BlackBerry® Messenger (BBM) through a simple touch. BlackBerry Tag unlocks near field communication (NFC) capabilities for everyday use and makes sharing a lot faster and much more personal.

Simply select the file/document that you want to send, select Tag

Select NFC. Now ensure that both NFC enabled devices are placed back to back (where the NFC antenna is) and watch the magic happen!

Select NFC. Ensure both devices enabled NFC are placed back to back (where the NFC antenna is) and watch the magic happen!

So how does this work? It simply makes a temporary pair and connection between the 2 devices and have the file sent via bluetooth. So this means once the sending process begins, it will be sending via Bluetooth so the phones may be brought apart now. Cool feature i must say, which is a great extension from the Smart Tags feature from OS 7.

Finally, the other feature available on OS 7.1 which is exclusive to only the BlackBerry Curve devices – The FM radio. As we can see, it seems like the Curve series of devices have this extra chipset for listening of FM radio. Earlier reports said that the devices did not require a headset in order to tune in to the radio network. This doesnt seem to be the case…

As we can see, without earphones plugged in, it would not work until you have a headset plugged in.

Now, with the headset plugged in, we get into the radio’s main menu.

We can save the stations into our station of favourite lists

We can select the radio channels by changing the frequency’s. Also changing the output from the earphone jack to the speaker is as simple as a click of a button, so is a play and stop button. Comparing to other digital FM radios, something that could be lacking is the a “pause” feature where it can cache the radio stream for playback later.

Reception wise, it seems like its not too bad, for a mobile device, considering that its stronger than my ipod Nano (generation 5) and Samsung Galaxy S II. Both devices, require the headset as an antenna as well though.

Note: Curve 9360 is running OS

Overall, OS 7.1 is a great operating system upgrade which those of you, who are still sitting on the fence on whether to do the jump, its a pretty much a clear choice to do the update.


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