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Original BlackBerry Leather Convertible Casing

The BlackBerry leather convertible casing is one of the premium casing solutions which RIM has to offer for the BlackBerry Playbook. As its advertised, “three viewing angles with access to Media ports” is provided for us. So how will this match up to the competition that we have tried (mizvu and targus)?


Back of the box


the black BlackBerry logo

The "smooth" leather

First off, the packaging it comes in is pretty standard; the black sleek box, with just the accessory itself and nothing more. The leather for this accessory is the smooth leather, pretty much comparable to the free pouch that comes in the box with the 99xx phones.

Front view

BlackBerry Embossed within

the cutout for the camera

Cutout for camera

First impression of the case is pretty positive. It indeed holds the “premium” feel to it. It is multi-functional, stylish and feel that solid. The cutouts for the various components made it feel even more premium as it is different from the others (check out the camera cut out!)

the earphone/mic cut out

The buttons for media

the microphone cutout

So as we can see, its like sort of the hardshell case being glued or sealed onto the leather cover. The good side of this, is that it will definitely provide a all-round protection against knocks and water to a extent while giving you that soft nice leather feeling. The down side, however, is that, it would be a little bulky.

The casing vs a naked playbook

The naked playbook vs the hard casing

Let's open it!

the two stoppers for standing

As mentioned earlier, it said 3 different viewing angles for the BlackBerry Playbook. Well, truthfully, it actually offers more than that but for a “safe” use, yeap definitely 3. As we can see, there is 2 in-built small protruding stands which allows your Playbook to hinge upon it to act as a stand. Else, any point on the “platform” would be useful considering the slip resistant material but nothing beats having a physical resistance to prevent its movement.

The hard casing

How the buttons work

The ports cutout

Slipping the playbook in or out of the case

inside the case

Placing the Playbook inside the the casing and taking it out maybe slightly challenging as the casing is after all, a hard shell case. However, this would also mean that the playbook is unlikely to just slip out of casing by accident as well, which is a positive thing.

Inside the case, as a stand

Inside the case, as a stand

Inside the case, as a stand

good viewing angle

Yes indeed, it is a great case at the first glance.

Now, its been more than 2 weeks since I have used the case. Like most other cases, the case has to be open in order to charge the device, you wont be able to dock it. However, the most irritating issue of all is that the media controls, which they have special buttons for it, is that after awhile, it seems like it begins to be hard to press, which is very irritating indeed.

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

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